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Upcoming this March

Here's everything going on throughout the month of March 2024.


Welcoming March With Open Arms

With longer days, brighter mornings & a hint of warmth in the air, the approaching month of March signals the arrival of Spring. In our woodlands, wildflowers such as foxglove, bluebell, and cuckoo-pint or “lords & ladies” are blooming abundantly. Trees are awakening from dormancy, welcoming back the wildlife that thrives in their midst.

The landscape is not the only thing reverting to its usual rhythms; our first event of the month is also guiding us back to our origins & roots...


Following in Canterbury's footsteps

In March, we are going back to basics & honing in on Dave Canterbury's 5 C's: cutting tools, combustion, cover, containers & cordage. Join us for a session on traditional woodland skills where our experienced directing staff will help you feel at ease in the wilderness & teach you how to utilize the environment to enhance your bushcraft abilities. By focusing on these fundamentals, you'll gain valuable knowledge to enhance your woodland experiences, allowing you to take things slow & appreciate the beauty of nature.

At this event, you will discover the art of crafting functional items for woodland settings using a fixed blade knife. Learn a few essential knots & hitches that can simplify your bushcraft experiences in various scenarios. Explore traditional & contemporary methods of fire starting & combustion before mastering creating your firelighters with a basic metal container for successful campfires. Practice setting up your own bushcraft camp based on the morning's teachings.


Introducing March's 'Naturalist Collection'

The Naturalist Collection will carry on next month & as we're currently embracing a traditional bushcraft theme, it's only appropriate to highlight bushcraft legend Mors Kochanski.

Mors Kochanski (1939–2019) was a celebrated Canadian outdoorsman, survival teacher & writer, recognized for his mastery in wilderness survival, bushcraft & outdoor education. His hands-on & comprehensive method to survival techniques, which focuses on cooperating with nature instead of opposing it, has inspired numerous generations, including our own bushcraft practices.


March Merrymaking

Callisto Holistics return in March with their highly anticipated, already sold out, Merrymaking event. Join Aimee on Saturday, March 23rd for an enchanting evening under the Moon, featuring a range of holistic activities including self-affirmation, manifestation, self-love and tarot & oracle card readings.

The feedback from these Merrymakings has been truly overwhelming & humbling. We deeply appreciate everyone's involvement & words cannot fully convey the extent of our gratitude. We acknowledge that this particular event sold out very fast & apologise for any inconvenience caused. These gatherings will be held monthly, typically aligning with both the full and new Moon phases. Additionally, there may be a possibility of a second Merrymaking later in the evening as the nights grow shorter with the arrival of Spring.


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My Sincerest Gratitude

Before we conclude, I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks for the ongoing support from all of you, including our newest guests & those who have been with us from the beginning. Without each and every one of you, Fara Kanna would not be possible.

Our aim has always been to offer woodland experiences, build lasting memories & provide a space for people to enjoy themselves in its simplest form. We are committed to maintaining this by offering a diverse range of activities & events.

I'll see you in the woods,


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