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Upcoming this April

Here's everything going on throughout the month of March 2024.


Springing into Action

Apologies for the delay in sharing this update. It feels like April arrived unexpectedly, bringing with it the delightful spring season. At Fox Covert, spring has truly arrived with vibrant daffodils, bluebells, foxgloves and lords & ladies blossoming in place of the snowdrops.  The woods are alive with the sounds of ground-nesting birds & the dawn chorus has been particularly memorable.  These signs of new life are mirrored in the diverse range of events happening this April at Fox Covert.  It's an exciting & varied lineup this month, offering something for everyone.


Spring Socials

Talking about bluebells... In April, we are hosting our second 'pay-what-you-feel' event, the Bluebell Social. We’re particularly excited about this one as bluebell season is a cherished time of year at Fox Covert.  Join us for a leisurely afternoon surrounded by wildflowers, explore the woods with a guide sharing insights & enchanting folktales about these springtime treasures.  Invite your friends, family, even the dog to connect with nature.  Relax in a hammock, observe the world around you & savor a slower pace of life for the afternoon.


Introducing Camp Griff

Woodland changes are not limited to the ground level alone.  The 5x5 trap, serving as a satellite camp to the North-East of Basecamp, has undergone some transformations.  After the trap suffered irreparable damage, we decided to make some upgrades.  It has now been swapped with the parachute that previously offered overhead protection at our initial Basecamp site.  Beneath the parachute, you will find an alter-fire, log seating, and a log store, providing a great place to #GoExplore


Callisto Holistics

Aimee is back this month & busier than ever, offering two Merrymakings and two detailed Workshops.

The New & Full Moon Merrymakings are a time for the women's circle to strengthen with each gathering.  These events have become increasingly popular, featuring crafts, reflection exercises, practical activities, divination & complimentary drinks.

In the Spell Jar Workshop, participants can create their own unique spell jar.  They get to select ingredients like herbs, foraged plants & crystals to personalize a jar tailored to their specific needs & intentions.

Lastly, back by popular demand from last year, the Introduction to Crystals workshop has returned.  This session aims to kickstart your crystal journey, giving you insights into the magic of crystals, teaching you how to use and harness their power, guiding you in selecting crystals intuitively & advising you on caring for and maximizing the benefits of your crystals.


Once again the always wonderful Kira is joining us at Fox Covert for a private birds of prey photography workshop. It’s always a pleasure to host Kira & her amazing birds!


And to Wrap Things Up

Our Naturalist Collection will conclude this month as we delve into the life, achievements & legacy of Grey Owl.  But don't worry!  Following this, we will explore contemporary figures who are bound to be revered in the future, just like the pioneers we have highlighted.

Thank you for making time to stay updated & we look forward to seeing you in the woods.



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