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Upcoming this July

A quick rundown of everything going on this coming July.


As we come down from all the excitement of last weekends' Summer celebrations we're looking forward to the months to come & the array of events, day courses & get-togethers July brings.

Hunting Through History

July starts with the return of a popular day course from last year, "Hunting Through History" where guests will have the opportunity to explore various food acquisition methods throughout the centuries. The course will cover traditional passive hunting techniques like trapping & snaring, as well as the current legal & ethical considerations surrounding these practices. Moving on, participants will delve into ranged hunting by crafting & using an atlatl, progressing to basic bowhunting, & finally, the significance of rifles in food procurement.

***Please be informed that this event is purely educational, no animals will be harmed. The discussion & practice of hunting techniques are for learning purposes only & the event is conducted on private land with all necessary licenses secured.***


Bucksaw Workshop

In the spirit of Mors & embracing the philosophy "the more you know, the less you carry," we are reintroducing a workshop from previous years where we will be crafting our own bucksaw.

A bucksaw is a manual frame saw, resembling a modern bowsaw, commonly used with a sawbuck to cut logs or firewood to size. During this workshop, participants can select their materials & begin to master the use of various hand tools to craft their own saw, enhancing their toolkit & gear.

Can't attend this one to add to your kit & equipment, don't worry. Our affiliates over at Greenman Bushcraft have you covered...


Quick Question?

On the buildup to June's Solstice Overnighter we had a couple of enquiries about additional overnight opportunities & we're dying to know what's on your mind...

Overnighter in August?

  • Absolutely

  • Not This TIme


It's not just us that are busy next month, Aimee is busier than ever with a wide range or activities across the month...

Callisto Holistics

In July, prepare for a delightful blend of New & Full Moon celebrations that ensure a calming experience, leaving you rejuvenated & stress-free after immersing yourself in nature.

Join Aimee & the always fabulous Danielle next month for the third Witching in the Woods event, promising laughter, music, singing, dancing, chanting, and more.

Cap off the month with Callisto Holistics presenting "Healing the Witch Wound," a morning focused on female empowerment & reclaiming personal power together.


Thank You

As always, thank you for taking the time to read this post & support our little woodland adventure. With sincerest gratitude



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