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Summer Update

The warmer weather is bringing even more events, courses & workshops...


Summer at Fox Covert is always delightful, but we're particularly thrilled to share what's in store from May to August.

The woodlands are in a phase of transformation, with trees emerging from dormancy & canopies growing fuller each day.  New growth is visible everywhere, leading to a thriving biodiversity.  The wildflower landscape evolves continuously, transitioning from daffodils & bluebells to balsam, lords and ladies, cowslips, sorrel & foxgloves.  This shift attracts a multitude of local pollinators throughout the summer.

During the mating season, ground-nesting birds are active, while songbirds are exploring beyond their usual territories, creating a truly unforgettable dawn chorus.  With the arable fields yielding crops, the population of birds of prey, including buzzards, kestrels, sparrowhawks & even merlins, is flourishing. Keep a lookout for these magnificent birds overhead.

These changes in the woods serve as a familiar sign of the warmer season as we enjoy our time outdoors.


Summer Means Solstice

Join us for our annual celebration of the Solstice co-hosted by Callisto Holistics.

The Summer season is a time for rejuvenation & renewal, and what better way to celebrate than by connecting with nature &  ancient traditions.  As you immerse yourself in the festivities of the morning, you will have the opportunity to learn & engage in traditional crafts such as flower crown making.  As you sip on a refreshing Pimms by the fire, you can reflect on the excitement of the upcoming months & set intentions for what you hope to achieve.

To truly relax & unwind, indulge in a bespoke guided meditation that will uplift your spirit & calm your mind. For those who seek a deeper connection with nature, a grounding woodland chakra balance will help you align your energy centers & find inner peace.  And for crystal enthusiasts, the addition of Callisto to the festivities is sure to delight, as you peruse their collection of beautiful & powerful crystals.

No matter what your interests may be, the morning's activities offer something for everyone, inviting you to connect with the Summer season in a meaningful and enriching way.


Summer Bushcraft

This summer, we are bringing back some old favorites through a range of workshops suitable for all skill levels.  

Delving into foraging is a delightful experience we always enjoy.  Throughout the summer, we will be gathering wildflowers & plants for various purposes.  Join us as we explore easily recognizable flowers that can be deliciously beer-battered & served with venison & learn how to transform plants into healing salves or balms.

In addition, we are delving into traditional tool skills by challenging our creativity in crafting our own bucksaw.  The bucksaw, a hand-powered frame saw with origins dating back centuries, is a craft we are proud to keep alive this July.

Speaking of traditions we're taking a trip back through time to rediscover some historical hunting techniques. From snare traps, atlatls & primitive fishing spears to recurve bows & air hunting, join us as we hunt through history.

With the weather being so pleasant, it would be a missed opportunity not to spend a night or two under the stars.  Stay tuned on social media for more information about our first overnight event of 2024.


Reconnect With Callisto

Reconnect with yourself and nature at the upcoming events hosted by Callisto.

Aimee will be back this summer with her unique magical touch.  The beloved Merrymakings will carry on into the longer evenings, creating an even more inviting ambiance as you delve into lunar cycles and ways to align with the moon.  But Aimee won't be alone this summer; she is collaborating with Danielle, The Wellbeing Weaver, to introduce a fresh woodland gathering filled with music, singing, chanting, dancing & a range of activities.


We appreciate your support and interest in our blog. Your enthusiasm means a lot to us. If you have any inquiries about our upcoming events or simply want to connect, please feel free to reach out. We are excited to welcome you to join us in the woods. Let's make unforgettable memories together this Summer amidst nature's beauty.  Thank you for being a part of our community & have great Bank Holiday.



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