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A Holistic Home in the Woodland

Updated: Dec 27, 2023

What exactly is Callisto Holistics?


Introducing Callisto Holistics:

Callisto Holistics, founded by Aimee, a certified Crystal Healer & Spiritual Development practitioner – leads the way with her deep affinity for the environment & natural landscapes. This connection is evident in all aspects of her practice, whether it's reflected in workshops, social gatherings, or her general outlook on life. Drawing inspiration from the natural world's balance & harmony, Aimee strives to incorporate this ethos into her work.

And we feel our outdoor venue at Fox Covert provides the perfect setting for her workshops and get-togethers. Surrounded by nature, it’s the ideal place to disconnect from the stresses of daily life & reconnect with your inner self. And for me personally, working outddors & spending so much time connected to the land has always been nothing short of a spirtual journey of sorts.


Exploring the Connection between Unconventional Events & Natural World Practices

Although these events may appear to deviate from our conventional practices, there is a connection that I would like to highlight. Firstly, I must admit that I am biased because Aimee, my wife, is involved. However, these holistic practices draw inspiration from the natural world, including the seasons & the dynamic connections that the planet holds. Whether it's expressing gratitude for the elements during the Sabbats or examining the geology of crystal formations, it only seems fitting to engage in these activities outdoors, surrounded by nature.


Upcoming Events at Fox Covert - Callisto's Outdoor Venue

Get ready for an exciting lineup of events at Callisto's Fox Covert outdoor venue! Aimee has a variety of events planned, starting this January with the New & Full Moon Merrymakings. These recurring events are aligned with the lunar cycle & provide an opportunity for participants to strengthen their magical practices with the moon. The Merrymakings will take place early in the evening, under the Winter sky. To keep you warm & comfortable, as always, the fire will be lit & warm drinks will be provided. Join in on the fun and set your intentions for the weeks to come while participating in communal tarot and oracle card readings.

And you can secure your place at the first of these gatherings now!

In addition to these recurring events, Callisto has a diverse range of workshops coming up. From the ever-popular "Introduction to Crystals" to card readings, room & grounding sprays, alternative therapies & spell jars, there's something for everyone.


To just sign off, I would like to thank Callisto for bringing so many new faces to Fox Coverts & making the woods feel just that little bit more magickal.

It's always wonderful to see new people getting involved in outdoor activities & exploring the natural world around them. Callisto has clearly been instrumental in bringing people together & creating a sense of community within Fox Covert. It's important to have places where people can come together, share their love for nature & create memories that will last a lifetime. Let's continue to support Callisto & all the other individuals & organizations that are working hard to make our world a more beautiful and magickal place.



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