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Fara Kanna offers a variety of activities across a diverse range of courses & events, suitable for participants of all experience levels.  During advertised events activities may cover...

campfire & tinder pouch


Learn the science of fire lighting & management using both primitive & modern methods under the guidance of an experienced instructor

visitor using a froe


Learn to use a variety of tools responsibly & safely under professional supervision.  Fixed blade knives, saws, axes, billhooks, draw knives & others are all utilised

visitors at Aimee's Place satalite camp


From natural materials or man made we look at all manner of emergency shelters & aim to understand their necessity

visitors making at atlatl

Traditional Crafts

Safely use tools to create your own equipment or even seasonal decoration. From tent pegs & cups to furniture, why buy your woodland kit when you can create it. And after all, "the more you know, the less you carry."

campfire cooking steak dinner

Campfire Cookery

The only greater pleasure than cooking over an open fire is eating around it. Focusing on simple, achievable recipes we aim to fill our stomachs & warm our hearts

foraging for tinder materials

Flora & Fauna

Understanding our natural world & surroundings is an invaluable skill. Learn to identify local flora & fauna, highlight their uses, advantages & dangers & understand ways we can work with our wild spaces

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