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Making Magick at Fox Covert

Continuing to diversify the events among the trees.


Where Did All the Tarps Go..?

You might be asking yourself where did all the tarps, overnight experiences & tools go? And your right, there is more & more going on at Fox Covert outside of the umbrella of bushcraft. Our traditional offer is still there, from Hunting Through History, Firecraft & campfire cooking but peppered inbetween is something a little different...


Giving Holistics a Home

As you explore our website, read our blogs, or engage with us on social media, you may have noticed the significant expansion in the range of events hosted at Fox Covert.  Last summer, we were approached by several holistic companies seeking to enhance their connection with nature & work within the serene setting of the trees.  And who are we to say no, afterall nature does not belong to us; rather, "we belong to it."  This led to the formation of new working partnerships & provided a local community with a fresh space to continue their journey.


Dispelling Myths

I may be biased as Aimee is my wife, but what she has established at Fox Covert with Callisto Holistics is truly remarkable.  It has become a gathering place for individuals to come together, share experiences, find their community, collaborate & create magick.  While practices like Magick, Wicca & Witchcraft may carry certain stereotypes, my firsthand experience at Aimee's gatherings reveals a space filled with positivity, open communication & joy – far from any ominous or occult elements.  What some perceive as mindfulness or wellness, others see as Witchcraft or Magic.


Witching in the Woods

Since December 2023, Callisto Holistics has successfully hosted various workshops & merrymakings, attracting a growing audience.  With this increasing interest, the time has come to expand their offerings.

Beginning this Spring Callisto Holistics & The Wellbeing Weaver are collaborating to bring you Witching in the Woods. Here, Aimee & Danielle invite you to an evening of magickal merriment, fun & frolics in the woodlands. Enjoy an open fire as the sun begins to set as together, they bring together a community of like-minded souls.

And you can book your first magickal evening now...


To Conclude

I hope you have found this short update informative. Maybe it's helped you understand where all this has come from or is going? Maybe you have found inspiration to try something a little different or maybe you're excited to continue your journey with this new, exciting partnership.

As always, thank you for taking the time to read this quick update.



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