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Upcoming this January

Here's everything going on in the month of the New Year.


Exploring Fox Covert's Winter Woodlands

The woodlands here at Fox Covert offer a unique form of beauty during the Winter months. As the leaves have fallen, the branches cast beautiful shadows across the forest floor as the low hanging winter sun illuminates the space. Although bird song may be muted, it is still possible to hear the melodies. Similarly, while mammals & rodents may be less visible, signs of their routines are still evident throughout the woods & the early morning frost that appears on the lawn provides a fascinating glimpse into the world of hedgerow rabbits and their habitats.

Life might seem to slow down during this time but we’re very much still active as we get ready to #GoExplore for another year.


Improving Your Woodland Experience

We want your time in the woods to be as comfortable as possible, so we're working on enhancing the area. Our plan includes constructing higher seating & additional table space. We're also building another log store to make sure we always have dry wood to keep you warm during colder months. Finally, we're establishing new paths & rides to explore. If the weather permits, we're also taking on the challenge of tackling the large laurel tree that fell during a recent storm, as well as clearing the fallen deadwood from others that have been affected.


Merrymaking with the Moon

Callisto Holistics are braving the elements this January with the first of their Moon Merrymakings. A gathering beneath the New & Full Moons with an evening of wellness, oracle readings & intention setting.

The Moon Merrymakings are a great opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals & learn more about holistic wellness practices. Whether you are new to working with the Moon or an experienced practitioner, what better venue to tune back into the lunar cycles. Callisto Holistics is known for their inclusive & welcoming atmosphere, so you can be sure that you will feel right at home. Don't miss out on this chance to start the year off with a positive and uplifting community!

Book your place now at the special New Year price of just £5


Promising Signs for the New Year's Social Events

Signs of the New Year's wildflowers have already begun with Snowdrop buds making their appearance. This is an exciting time as we prepare for our first-ever social event, which looks very promising.

Feb '23 Snowdrops

We believe that connecting with nature is a crucial part of living a fulfilling life & we want to make that experience accessible to everyone. Our 'pay what you feel' social events are designed to create a welcoming & inclusive space where people can come together & enjoy the beauty of the natural world. Our upcoming Snowdrop Social marks the beginning of a series of events that will give people the opportunity to witness the changing of the seasons, from the first signs of Spring to the colors of Autumn. We hope that through these events, people will gain a deeper appreciation for the world around them & the importance of preserving it for future generations. So come join us for our Snowdrop Social & let's celebrate the beauty of nature together!


Closing Wishes for the Season

And until we see you next, we hope you have enjoyed the festive season & we would like to wish you a very Happy New Year.



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