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New Moon in April

An intimate gathering among the trees.


A Temporary Home in the Laurels

This weekend brought windy conditions, presenting challenges for woodland festivities. Despite the gusts, merrymakers gathered at dusk near the treeline, finding shelter from the elements & a hazard-free spot to celebrate the April New Moon.

Aimee discovered a cozy nook nestled within a Laurel tree, creating an intimate setting for the gathering.  The Merrymakers started by casting a protective circle to shield their energies before revisiting past lessons on manifestation & setting intentions.


Sigils & Manifestation

The temporary relocation within the woodland offered a wonderful backdrop for the guests' next activity.  They delved into the art of crafting sigils & discovered how these symbols can enhance manifestations & intentions when combined with crystals.

Guests then explored the connection between our thoughts & the lunar cycle.  The idea that our desires & thoughts can expand along with the Moon as she unveils more of herself to us throughout the month is a captivating & thrilling concept.


Cards & Runes

As the session drew to a close, participants eagerly took the opportunity to engage in tarot and oracle card readings for one another. The air was filled with anticipation and curiosity as each person delved into divination.  With cards in hand and open hearts, they shared insights & interpretations, offering guidance & support to their fellow attendees. The woods buzzed with a sense of connection & understanding, creating a memorable & meaningful conclusion to the event.


To our Bold Merrymakers

I appreciate everyone for braving the weather this weekend & showing understanding towards the necessary adjustments to our planned activities.  Thank you for your ongoing support for Callisto Holistics; we look forward to seeing you again soon.



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