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Solstice at Fox Covert

26 degrees, flower crowns, time spent among the trees & one awesome overnighter. Not a bad way to spend the Summer Solstice.


A New Tradition?

Celebrating the Summer Solstice at Fox Covert has been a longstanding tradition for us, featuring planned activities during the day followed by a night under the stars with dear friends & family.  This year, with the help of our fantastic guests, we combined these elements by hosting workshops throughout the day then as the sun set, our traditional overnight camp commenced, creating unforgettable memories with our wonderful guests.

After spending Friday night in the woods, we welcomed guests at 10:00 on Saturday for our Solstice Celebration.  During this event, guests had the chance to discover the meteorological significance of the Summer Solstice & its impact on our environment and ourselves.  They also learned about traditional ways people have honored this occasion.

One of these traditions involves making a flower crown.  Attendees had the opportunity to craft a willow frame & decorate it with a selection of beautiful Summer flowers to wear during the remaining festivities.

Some guests indulged in a truly relaxing treatment with Aimee at Calisto Holistics.  The serene woodlands provide an ideal backdrop for a chakra balance, enveloped in lush greenery & the melody of birdsong, while the warmth of the Summer sun touches your face.


Full Moon on the Solstice

This year, the alignment of the Summer Solstice & Full Moon provided an exciting chance for Callisto Holistics & their Merrymakers to infuse their unique woodland magic.  They engaged in intention setting, meditation, wellness practices & even crafted personalized "spell bags" to enhance their dreams, even if they were somewhat distracted by the local stinkhorn mushrooms.


Great Place, Great Company, Great Night

After a bit of relaxation, our guests prepared for the night by setting up tents, bivouacs & hammocks.  There's no better way to spend an evening than watching the sunset while gathered around a campfire with delicious snacks & wonderful company.

Below is a short film documenting the 24+ hours of our Summer Solstice Celebration.


Share Your Experience

Did you know you can upload your own images right here on the website? We would love it if you could share your experiences with others in our Shared Gallery.

Also feel free to share this post & video, like & comment below. We always appreciate your feedback & engagement.

Thank you for reading this post & a special thanks to everyone who joined us over the weekend, whether it was for an hour or for 24 hours plus.  Your time & company are truly appreciated.  For those who braved the baking heat overnight, please enjoy your shower & have a wonderful Sunday everyone.



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1 Comment

An amazing way to spend a Saturday, going into Sunday.

So much laughter and fun around the camp fire, a wonderful detox to our normal work days and all the stress that comes along with that. The toasted Marshmallows were amazing too.

I love Fox Covert, it's my second home 😍 Thank you John for putting on a wonderful diverse programme to allow us to learn or relax whilst in woodland.

Woodland itself is healing, add in the amazing talents of Callisto Holistics and it just makes it perfect.

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