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A Very Wet Solstice

A summary of 2023's final event, Yule Celebration.


Celebrating Yule Amidst the Rainy End of 2023

As the year came to a close, it was no surprise that the rain poured down considering the wet end to 2023 we've had. Despite the intense downpour, our participants remained resolute & in high spirits to celebrate the festival of Yule. Yule, the Pagan celebration of the Winter Solstice, has been observed for centuries across various cultures. We've taken inspiration from some of these traditions and put our own Fox Covert spin on things, with the assistance of Callisto Holistics.


Exploring the Significance of the Solstice and Winter Festivities

Our morning started with a lesson on Astronomical & Meteorological Winter, and how the Solstice affects our planet. We then delved into some traditional Scandinavian folktales related to this time of year & found some familiar elements of the holiday season that have surprising origins.


Creating a Festive Atmosphere: DIY Tealight Holders for Yule

As Yule is celebrated as a fire festival, our visitors were eager to craft their own tealight holder centerpieces to brighten their homes and bring a bit of sunshine to the festivities. To make these lovely decorations, participants started by constructing their own willow wreaths to surround a pine tealight holder. Next, they adorned the wreaths with seasonal foliage discovered throughout the woodlands, making each piece unique and personal.


Experience the Enchantment of Callisto Holistics' Woodland Magick

After taking a brief tea break to warm our spirits & hands, it was time for Callisto Holistics to showcase their unique brand of magick. Visitors were given the opportunity to create their own "Yule Ball," a traditional decorative ornament believed to ward off negativity & attract prosperity to the home. The transparent balls were filled with seasonal flora, runes, crystals & evergreen leaves, making them a perfect addition to any Christmas tree or mantle.


A Celebration of Holistic Healing capped off with a Guided Meditation & Crystal Healing Session

After a brief intermission, during which guests indulged in mulled wine, Aimee (Callisto Holistics) led the group through a grounding, guided meditation. The refreshing rain stopped just in time for the sun to make an appearance, marking an uplifting end to the session. Aimee later conducted an enchanting crystal healing session amidst the tranquil woodland surroundings.


Expressing Gratitude and Wishes for the Holiday Season

Aimee & I would like to extend our gratitude to everyone who braved the weather to join us. We hope that you had a fantastic time & that you have a wonderful Christmas & a blessed Yule. We look forward to seeing all of you again in the New Year.



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