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Grey Owl: The Naturalist Collection


Introducing The Naturalist Collection - A Monthly Series on Influential


Join us each month as we pay tribute, with these short digestible posts, to some of the most influential figures throughout history that have inspired our bushcraft, philosophy, connection with the land & approach to nature. Concluding the Naturalist Collection, we're focusing on a conservationist decades before his time, a true inspiration... Grey Owl.


Grey Owl

Remembering Grey Owl: A Legacy of Conservation & Advocacy

In the vast expanse of Canadian wilderness, amidst towering trees & babbling brooks, lived a man whose life story captivates me personally. Born Archibald Belaney, better known as Grey Owl, emerged as an iconic figure in the early 20th century, leaving behind a legacy of conservation, advocacy & an enduring love for nature.


The Life of Grey Owl

Born in 1888 in Hastings, England, Archibald Belaney embarked on a remarkable journey that would eventually lead him to become one of the most influential conservationists of his time. Drawn to the allure of the wilderness, Belaney set sail for Canada at the age of 17, seeking adventure & a deeper connection to the natural world.

Upon his arrival in Canada, Belaney immersed himself in the rugged landscapes of Northern Ontario, where he adopted the identity of Grey Owl, a First Nations persona inspired by his deep reverence for Indigenous culture & traditions. Living among the Ojibwe people, Grey Owl honed his wilderness skills, learning the art of trapping & gaining invaluable knowledge of the forest ecosystem.


Accomplishments & Contributions

Grey Owl's passion for conservation soon became his life's mission.

Through his writing & lectures, he sought to raise awareness about the importance of preserving Canada's wilderness & protecting its wildlife. His eloquent prose & captivating storytelling captured the hearts & minds of audiences around the world, earning him widespread acclaim as a champion of environmental conservation.

Among Grey Owl's most notable achievements was his role in establishing Prince Albert National Park in Saskatchewan, Canada. Recognizing the need for protected areas to safeguard the natural habitat of beavers & other wildlife, Grey Owl tirelessly advocated for the creation of the park, which was officially designated in 1927.

In addition to his conservation efforts, Grey Owl became a prolific author, penning several bestselling books that offered vivid depictions of life in the wilderness and insights into the plight of endangered species.

His works, including "Pilgrims of the Wild", "The Men of the Last Frontier" & "The Tree", continue to inspire readers with their poignant reflections on the beauty & fragility of the natural world.


Legacy & Impact

Grey Owl's legacy endures as a testament to the power of individual action in the face of environmental challenges. His unwavering commitment to conservation paved the way for future generations of environmentalists & sparked a global movement to protect the planet's precious ecosystems.

Despite controversies surrounding his true identity & cultural appropriation, one can see this less as a story of deception & more one of hope. A hope for wild & untamed spaces. A story of genuine love & adoration of the natural world. Grey Owl's contributions to the field of conservation remain undeniable.

His pioneering efforts laid the groundwork for the modern conservation movement, influencing policies & attitudes towards wildlife preservation and habitat conservation.

Today, Grey Owl's spirit lives on in the pristine wilderness he cherished and the countless lives he touched through his writings & advocacy. His legacy serves as a reminder of the profound impact that one person can have on the world, inspiring us to strive for a future where humans and nature coexist harmoniously.


I genuinely feel, that when surrounded by wild spaces, alone & still, Grey Owl's spirit can still be felt. Although it can be harrowing to think his song can be difficult to hear, even though it may be more valid today than ever before. A song that tells us in the end "nature does not belong to us, we belong to it." Posing the question, not what can we take from the environment, but what can we give back to the natural world & our wild spaces.

In conclusion, Grey Owl's life was a testament to the transformative power of nature & the enduring legacy of conservation. As we reflect on his accomplishments & contributions, let us heed his call to protect & preserve the natural world for generations to come.


We hope you have enjoyed the Naturalist Collection & this brief insight into some of our largest inspirations. These figures have helped sculpt our relationship with the land, with wild spaces & how we interact with them.

In reading these posts it was our ambition you too may find inspiration to #GoExplore and uncover a whole new connection to the land.


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