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Full Moon in February

Once again, Callisto Holistics were back. This time welcoming in the Snow Moon.


Snow Moon Merrymaking

Once again, Callisto Holistics made a return to Fox Covert with their ever-popular Merrymakings, this time to celebrate and usher in the Snow Moon.

As the sun started to set, guests arrived in the early evening and were greeted with a selection of herbal teas, cozy blankets, a crackling fire & an array of crystals.

Aimee initiated the #Merrymaking with introductions before creating a spiritual protective circle, allowing guests to safeguard their energies during the session. Participants delved into the history of the Snow Moon, discovered the origins of its name, heard traditional tales about the Full Moon & explored various ways to incorporate the Moon into their holistic practices.


Grounding & Reflection

The evening included a wonderful grounding activity providing guests with an opportunity to reflect. From here, participants then wrote down thoughts, feelings or actions they recognise in themselves that they wished to rid themselves of before casting the paper into the fire.

Guests gathered around the crackling fire, each holding their piece of paper tightly. The flames flickered at dusk, creating a mesmerizing dance of light and shadows. As they took turns stepping forward, a sense of solemnity filled the air, intermingled with hope & determination. One by one, the guests released their burdens into the fire, watching as the flames consumed the paper & carried their intentions up into the night sky. The warmth of the fire seemed to embrace them, offering comfort & support in this moment of release. Symbolically ridding themselves of that which no longer serves them.


Affirmations & Divination

From here the merrymakers took a short walk around the woods in search of laurel leaves. Each leaf was carefully chosen, its vibrant green color & glossy texture a symbol of hope & positivity. As the merrymakers gathered together again with pens in hand, they wrote heartfelt affirmations on the leaves, words of encouragement & love. Smiles lit up their faces as they exchanged the leaves, sharing words of kindness and support.These were used to write positive affirmations on then given to one another in a wonderful act of kindness.

Lastly the group were able to read tarot & oracle cards for themselves & one another, use runes & handle a variety of crystals. Everyone found great joy in exploring the mystical world of divination tools, each card & rune revealing a unique story & insight. The group's bond grew stronger as they shared their interpretations, supporting & guiding one another on their spiritual journey. It was a magical experience that left everyone feeling more attuned to the universe around them, ready to face whatever the future may hold with clarity & confidence.


Expressing Gratitude to Our Callisto Community

We want to extend a heartfelt thanks to everyone who has joined Callisto & for helping our community grow. We truly appreciate your support & engagement. Thank you for taking the time to read this summary & as always, we look forward to seeing you in the woods.



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