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All Weathers While Firelighting

A summary of our Bushcraft Basics course.


Right Back to Basics

In late March, we revisited the roots of our passion, traditional bushcraft skills.  We focused on mastering the basics to establish a strong groundwork for enhancing our capabilities, aiming to make our wilderness experiences more seamless & enjoyable.

These foundational skills were inspired by Dave Canterbury and his "Five C's" philosophy...

Cutting tools, cordage, combustion, containers, & cover.


Cutting Tools

Here, we emphasized the fundamental knife technique known as the push cut.  By mastering this traditional method, participants were able to responsibly gather green wood & craft a set of tent pegs & toggles to assist them during the remainder of the day's activities.


Knots can be quite tricky & let's admit it, they can get a bit boring.  In this section of the course, we highlight four straightforward knots & hitches that can be useful in different situations, making life a tad smoother.  Equipped with the know-how of a marlin-spike hitch, siberian hitch, clove hitch & a simple figure-eight stopper knot, our visitors were ready to #GoExplore the woodlands & establish camp for the day.


Armed with their newly crafted pegs & toggles securely tucked in their haversacks, along with a simple tarp, paracord & a good grasp of basic hitches, our visitors ventured into the woods to set up their own camp for the afternoon.  

Just in time, as the sky suddenly darkened & within half an hour, we encountered all four seasons - strong winds, heavy rain, bright sun & hail.  Despite nature's challenges, all participants managed to create a dry shelter for the afternoon, ticking off cover from our five C’s & a space to carry out their tasks successfully.


The topic of containers is often associated with outdoor cooking, but we decided to approach it from a different angle.  In this activity, participants were able to craft their own char cloth for future combustion tasks.  By packing small metal tins with denim patches & exposing them to the main basecamp fire, they kickstarted the carbonization process.

Within minutes, the lack of oxygen transformed these denim swatches into a highly flammable tinder source.


Finally, positioned under a shelter supported by previously mastered knots & secured with freshly made pegs, guests embarked on their last task of starting a fire.  Despite the scarcity of dry materials, our participants showed great dedication in gathering all the necessary items.  By using a ferro rod to ignite their char materials they had created, each group successfully established & maintained fire in very challenging conditions.  Afterward, they relaxed while waiting for the kettle to boil.

There is truly a magical feeling sitting under cover by the fire, listening to the rain above, and savoring a delightful cup of Yorkshire Tea.


Following Footsteps & Daring to Stray From the Path

Walking in the footsteps of legendary woodsmen & explorers like Mors Kochanski, Ray Mears, Rüdiger Nehberg, Les Stroud, Cody Lundin & on this specific occasion, Dave Canterbury, is truly an honor.  Sharing these skills & knowledge with others is a privilege that I deeply appreciate.  It's heartening to witness people eager to learn & carry on these woodland traditions.  A sincere thank you to everyone who participated & continues to embrace the spirit of exploration with Fara Kanna.



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