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Winter Firecraft

"Some of the best conversations I've had are sitting around a campfire." - Robyn Davidson

We feel passionate about Firecraft at Fara Kanna & believe it is a fundamental skill one needs to continually study. It is a rich & deep subject that one can never truly master, and with such a wide subject matter we felt this could not be covered in one day, so we focused on as much as we could over the course of two days.

Over the past couple of months some of our participants have engaged in a lengthy programme focusing on all aspects of firecraft.

Day One our participants focused on utilising the seasonal changes to their advantage with regards to creating fire, concentrating on the fundamentals all our visitors we able to achieve mans oldest skill independently and even cook themselves us a little campfire treat.

Having conquered the basic fundamentals, once Day Two rolled around we took things back a century or two.

Having become comfortable using only natural tinder materials we then removed the convenience of a ferro rod & in its place fire by friction. Friction fire is an incredibly challenging skill to master & requires determination, resilience & patience.

We're incredibly proud of our participants accomplishments, firecraft is a deep & rich subject which one can never truly conquer & we're always learning but it's safe to say these guys are well on their way.

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