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Summer Overnight Camp

The one it was all leading to...

So with our Firecraft, Campfire Cooking & Camp Setup events in the bag it was finally time to put it all together.

Our participants arrived Friday evening where they then setup their own base camp location and suspended their hammock setups. Utilising the skills & knowledge gained at the previous Camp Setup event the guys were able to select the best location for the night & deploy various knots to achieve their goals.


With a relaxed pace next up, taking a leaf out of the Hunter Gatherer Scavenger Cook's book our participants sat down to enjoy a stunning rabbit stew, cooked in beer, served with seasonal vegetables & crusty bread rolls.


After being fed & watered all that was left was to settle in for the night. What followed was an evening of great company, brilliant conversation, star gazing, owl spotting, bird calling & there might have been some beers involved.

We would like to sincerely thank everyone for braving the heat & joining us for the night, we'll defiantly do it again soon.

But until then, have a great Summer everyone & we'll see you next month when we celebrate our first anniversary.

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