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Shelter & Overnight Camp Watchlist

With our Camp event just around the corner we want all our participants to be as prepared as possible.

After the last 15 months we've all had we believe a well deserved night under the stars is in order as restrictions continue to lessen. Below we've out together a short watch list designed to kit you out with a couple of tips and tricks to make your time spent at Fox Covert an enjoyable one whether your attending our Shelter event or staying for the night.

There are still a few tickets left for these monthly events so make sure you don't miss out...

Shelter & Camp Setup


Summer Overnight Camp



Below you'll find our watch list:

Quick Deploy Ridgeline - Make sure your lines never get tangled up again

Truckers Hitch - Our go to tension hitch for a ridgeline

Tarps & Toggles - Flying a tarp shelter using less knots

Quick Hammock Setup - A quick & simple method of suspending a hammock

Full Hammock Setup - A more in depth look at hammock camping with additional equipment

Adirondack Tarp - A tarp setup similar to a lean-to with more headroom

Enclosed Tarp Tent - A free standing tarp shelter, no knots involved & you're covered from all sides

Tarp Tent - Another free standing tarp tent, no ridgeline, minimal knots and the benefit of an integral floor

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