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October at Bushcraft 101

Sometimes the woods can make for an unpredictable partner.

The weather this month has not been in our favor meaning we have had to cancel on more than one occasion. This is never an easy decision for us to make but your safety is always our priority. With wind speeds reaching up too 40mph at times there had been some damage to the woods & some of our infrastructure but don't worry we have rebuilt and taken the opportunity to begin landscaping a little further to the East providing us with more space, paths & trails for us to explore.

Having said that when we have been able to make it into the woods we have had the best time creating our own tools.

I have a great passion for creating tools whatever they may be, I genuinely believe this is, on an animal level, our special skill as a human. The ability to create is something we have done for millennia and should be cherished & remembered, so with that being said lets get back out there next month and keep creating.

Without realising October turned out to be a month of practicing our hand eye coordination. In addition to creating our own father & son bows we had the opportunity to further hone our aim courtesy of friend of Fara Kanna Tom Spendlove and his beautiful BSA rifle.

A huge thank you to everyone who continues to help build & grow Fara Kanna Bushcraft, we're eternally grateful.

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