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November at Fara Kanna

With December on the horizon we're beyond excited to reopen our doors, well woodlands & welcome you all back.

Throughout the National Lockdown we have worked tirelessly behind the scenes to make your experience better.

Firstly we have repaired all the damage done by October's inclement weather. The parachute basecamp has been relocated slightly further North in efforts to withstand the wind better, this also gives us a great view of the birch treeline to the East. The old parachute location will become our Spring/Summer location with an open air fire pit coming in the new year. There is also an open air space on the North ridge giving a panoramic view of the site which we're sure will be stunning in the Spring. We have reestablished the old paths & created new ones helping to avoid bottle neck areas.

Planning December's events was a real joy, starting with the return of Bushcraft 101 on 12/12/20 where we will (in part) complete the planned shelter building extravaganza with a seasonal twist, We aim to create our own shelters to work under for the morning. Here we will build a small fire, cook a winter warming treat & create our own festive decorations.

The following day (13/12/20) we will co-host our Campfire Cooking event with Hunter Gatherer Scavenger Cook. Our relationship with Tony Marshall predates us opening in the Summer. Together we have planned, we think, a great afternoon out for you guys to get you back out of the house and into our wild spaces. More information about Hunter Gatherer Scavenger Cook is available in the previous blog post linked below.

We thank you for your patience and look forward to seeing you all again. Until then, stay safe and #goexplore (responsibly)

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