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March at Fara Kanna

"Spring is a time of new beginnings, new possibilities" - Tara Killen

With March out of the way, the relaxing of the national lockdown conditions and the arrival of the Spring that only means one thing...

We are one step closer to reopening!

And with our reopening we're committed to one thing... Rewilding ourselves.


Throughout March we have announced all our upcoming events for the Spring months and we can't wait to see you all again & get you rewilded. These dates & activities can be found under our events section.

Towards the end of April we will be holding our Green Woodworking event where we will create our own camp items to be used at the other upcoming events. In May Natural Tinder Firecraft is finally happening and finally June bring Shelter & Camp Setup, one we're really looking forward to. June's event is a precursor to our as yet unadvertised Summer Solstice overnight camp!

Bushcraft 101 is coming back in May too so keep your eyes peeled for the upcoming announcements.

Over the past month we have continued to create online content & have branched out into YouTube. We have had a great response to our online videos for which we are eternally grateful. We aim to continue this even when all lockdown restrictions are lifted.


As always thank you all for your continued support, to everyone watching our videos, liking, sharing, uploading your own adventures, everyone completing our Challenges. You guys are the ones who have kept Fara Kanna alive throughout these uncertain months & we are forever in your debt.

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