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July at Fara Kanna

"Summer afternoon—summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language." —Henry James

July has been amazing up at Fox Covert, the continuing seasonal changes to the woodland have been a wonder to observe. The ecosystem is thriving, wildlife teeming & the sun has shone bright. Not only has the season been amazing but our participants too.

Over the last month at #bushcraft101 our youngest visitors have taken it right back to basics forming a solid foundation of knowledge & skills to build upon. Together we have looked at flora & fauna identification, foraging & cooking, animal tracking & trapping and basic camp craft tasks. Our young bushcrafters have been able to create their own packframes to carry their new mallets & pegs as well as becoming entirely proficient with a ferro rod & campfire cooking. We think it might be time to begin looking at more intermediate fire lighting...


July also brought us our first Overnight Camp, something we've looked forward to for ages. It was brilliant to see all our participants skills come together as they were able to establish base camp for the night, cook a traditional woodland meal & spend a night under the Summer stars.

Since the event we have had numerous enquiries regarding future overnight stays so it is 100% something we will be doing more of.


We have also celebrated a few small personal wins during the month of July. We have finally reached over 300 followers on all Social Media platforms as well as our first YouTube 100 subscribers!

We really are forever grateful for everyone's engagement & support, both in person & online. You guys make all this possible & worthwhile.

Looking to the future, next month we will have been operational for one whole year. To celebrate out first anniversary we are thrilled to bring you Summer Camp Crafts in addition to our free Yorkshire Day Celebration!

We can't wait to see out the rest of the Summer with everyone & until next time, go explore


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