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Hunter Gatherer Scavenger Cook

A little about Hunter Gatherer Scavenger Cook:

Chef Roadkill AKA Tony Marshall has been our biggest supporter from day one. He was the first person to get in touch with well wished before we even opened our doors. I had the privilege to meet up with Tony earlier in the year where we discussed the possibility of working together & I am thrilled to let you know it's happening on Sunday the 13th of December.

We're excited to introduce our partnership with the Hunter Gatherer Scavenger Cook, Tony Marshall.

Tony is a fellow Northerner with an excellent outlook on life, some cracking campfire stories and an inspiring philosophy on sustainable food sources & self sufficiency. By his own admission Tony doesn't live with the rest of us in the 21st century, instead forgoing modern conveniences such as supermarkets & living field to plate, everything either hunted or grown by his own hand & hard work. A chef by trade Tony has some amazing game recipes & outstanding skills in butchery & game preparation.

To welcome everyone back to the woods Tony has kindly offered to share his skills with us & we can't wait.

Until then... "Happy hunting & he'll see you in the woods."

Follow him on social media at:





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