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Firecraft & Flying

"Nobody can be in good health if he does not have all the time fresh air, sunshine & good water."

- Flying Hawk


This weekend finally saw the arrival of our first event co-hosted with KL Falconry & what an amazing morning it was.

Here our participants headed into the lush greenery of the woodland where the were all able to achieve fire utilising centuries old methods & techniques. Having created char materials, these were placed into a tinder bundle & oxygenated until combustion was achieved. Following this firewood was collected and arranged in a lay that ensured it would be self feeding for a period of time so our participants would have the time to prepare food without having to check on the fire.

Three dishes were prepared in total, first a hearty vegetable soup & to accompany this a side of locally foraged, beer battered nettle crisps & finally a delicious baked fruit medley to finish off with.

All our participants were incredibly successful during this portion of the event practicing difficult skills within a strict timeframe.


Up next was the part we all came to see...

We all headed out onto the lawn where we had the opportunity to take part in a hands on bird of prey experience.

This was truly unforgettable.

Here our participants were able to have these majestic animals perch on their own gloved hand, feed them and even fly the birds to one another. All the while Kira was able to provide expert knowledge of these animals, their behaviour, biology, habitat & diet.


As always, on behalf of KL Falconry & ourselves, we would like to thank everyone for choosing to spend their Bank Holiday with us & until next time...


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