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February at Fara Kanna

It's still early in the New Year and we're continuing to rebuild.

Throughout we've been at the winds mercy as Storm Eunice continues to batter the North. Considering the past troubles we've had with the wind & damage to some of our structures we're taking a new approach to shelter.

Following the damage caused in 2021 we have re-evaluated the parachute shelter and we think we've cracked it.

When the weather permitted us we've been up the trees & re-secured the ridgeline and made considerable alterations to the moorings. All anchor points have been newly rigged & secured using quick release knots. Because of these changes we are now able to take the parachute down completely in less than five minutes and to make it even better, it's a one man job. This will allow us to pre-empt the weather and lower the shelter before the weather hits significantly reducing the damage done.


Speaking of the damage done, a considerable number of the established birch tress came down during the higher winds, some of them at the root. We have used this time to clear all deadfall and process the timber. The large percentage of branches & limbs have stocked our firewood supply for some time to come. We have harvested a large percentage of the bark to be used in firecraft and the trunks have been used to create additional seating, a new, small, camp area on the ridge to the North and a couple of new fences.

With so many trees coming down that got us thinking...

We feel it's important to look after our green spaces so we invite you to join us in planting these beautiful saplings

Come down for an hour, bring the children, bring the dog, have a brew, catch up with each other, plant your tree, leave a legacy, check out what's upcoming the Spring months & just relax

The wonderful people over at TCV - The Conservation Volunteers have sent us fifty trees, all indigenous to the county & region that we will be planting throughout the woodland

We're passionate about not only maintaining the woodlands but caring for it after all "we must remember that in the end nature does not belong to us, we belong to it." - Grey Owl

Visit our events page to reserve your sapling today and help us #goexplore

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