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February at Fara Kanna

"The promise of Spring's arrival is enough to get anyone through the bitter Winter." - Jen Selinski

So as another month draws to a close we're beginning to see the first signs of Spring, new life, growth & change. And that's not just talking about the Snowdrops.

There's an awful lot going on at Fara Kanna at the moment. Firstly, we would like to thank everyone for their ongoing support throughout these uncertain times. The engagement we have had through 'Fara Kanna Online' has been humbling & rewarding and we can not thank you enough.


We hope you have enjoyed our online content. Truth be told, we've come to quite enjoy making & editing the videos and we will try our best to keep them coming. There are several videos already live with a couple more in the works.


You have all made our Challenges a great success & it has been great to see everyone's craft projects & walking routes they have taken. For weeks we have been saying there will be a prize for the member who has the most completed Challenges and what better time to tell you all what that will be...

... During the Summer months, when we have been able to resume normal schedule, we will be hosting our first overnight camp event. The member with the most completed Challenges will win a free ticket to this event! We will post more information regarding this closer to the time but until then, there's still plenty of time to get those Challenges completed.


We have been overwhelmed with the response to our Facebook Group as a place to share your adventures & experiences. We have felt it valuable to maintain contact with one another throughout lockdown and it's looking like sooner or later we will once again be able to see each other in the woods but that doesn't mean our online community has to come to an end.


And last but not least, with the recent Government announcements regarding the steps out of lockdown it is looking like we will be able to reopen sooner than we maybe thought, beginning with our postponed Green Woodworking event. This will be done following all Government guidance & advice to make your visit as safe as possible without sacrificing your experience. We will post a blog dedicated to this topic with all updates closer to the time.

Until then, thank you all again, stay safe everyone and #goexplore

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