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Fara Kanna Online

"Humans are social beings, and we are happier, and better, when connected with others." - Paul Bloom

With the ongoing national lockdown we are, sadly, still unable to welcome you all back to Fox Covert & know that we miss you all. With that being said we have been bust behind the scenes finding ways to stay connected with everyone & we think we've cracked it!

We're pleased to announce Fara Kanna Online. We hope this can become a place where we can all stay connected and continue the sense of community & friendship we we beginning to build last year.

Accessing Fara Kanna Online couldn't be more simple, all you have to do is sign up, and it's free! After all us Yorkshire folk love owt for nowt.

Signing up & becoming a 'member' is a secure service which will bring you access to our 'members area'. Here you will have access to all our online content unavailable to the public.

Primarily, you have access to our online video library which we aim to update weekly with a variety of content.

This will include 'Bushcraft Online', a series of videos discussing & demonstrating various bushcraft & camp activities. These will be short, digestible videos that could be replicated at home or in the garden. They will cover a variety of topics aimed at both families & children (our Bushcraft 101 sessions) and things more for working age adults (our monthly events).

Secondly, there will be a couple of more miscellaneous, behind the scenes videos giving you a peek behind the curtain & providing you with more information.

And lastly we will be uploading Fara Kanna Trails, here you can follow us along some of our favourite local walks. In following these trails make sure you adhere to Government guidelines & law and we promise to take you to some great beauty spots, some a little more off the beaten track.

In addition to all this as a member you have the ability to comment on blog posts & join in with our 'Groups' (coming soon). Our hope is that this might become a small, in house social media type platform. A place for you to stay in touch with each other, maybe meet new people, share your experiences and support one another in what can be a trying time for many of us.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to get in touch.

Stay Safe everyone, go explore (responsibly) & we'll see you soon.

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