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Fara Kanna Kanina?

"When women get together as a group, it is immensely powerful."

- Annie Lennox


Quick question..?

Over the past months we have been approached a couple of times with people asking about a specific women's group.

This is absolutely something we would be able to facilitate we just wanted to gauge people's interest before getting the ball rolling.

What we're thinking is maybe one evening a month during the Summer months we get together up at the woods where you will have the opportunity to take part in traditional, seasonal woodland craft activities. We'll cook ourselves warm snacks over an open fire & socialise in a calm, relaxed environment free from expectation.

This potentially, would be run at dusk for two hours and lead by John. Our prospective group may appear to have a strange name but let us explain...

Very few people have ever asked about our name but "Fara Kanna" is old Norse, Icelandic meaning Go Explore. "Kanina" translates to rabbit. Inspired by the abundance of wild rabbit that can be seen throughout the woodlands here at Fox Covert.


If this is something you would be interested in please leave a comment below & we can start to get everything arranged for you all.


And until then...

Go Explore

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