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December at Fara Kanna

So it didn't quite feel fair titling this 'December at Bushcraft 101' as we usually would have done, since there was only the one session, but rest assured we'll be back to our weekly sessions as soon as possible.

The month of December meant a great deal to us as it was the first time we regained operation since October. So much planning, risk assessing, landscaping & infrastructure happened behind the scenes & every second of it became worth it on the 12th.

December 12th saw the return of #bushcraft101 where we first welcomed people back to Fox Covert. Being so close to Christmas it only felt appropriate to maintain a festive theme. Using the skills we have been working on using various cutting tools we created our own seasonal decorations. Our participants were able to fabricate their own wooden baubles, reindeer and even a wreath.

The following day we were delighted to host our Campfire Cooking event with fellow Yorkshireman Tony Marshall, the Hunter Gatherer Scavenger Cook. Here our participants were able to achieve making fire, in the most difficult of weather conditions, in order to prepare & cook a delicious meal all created on site with their own hands.

These two days were an incredible success & we are eternally grateful to each & every one of you, you guys are the ones who make this all possible. We thank you for your patience over these uncertain months & we promise to keep bringing you new & exciting events in the months to come.

With that being said, we think we have a series of awesome monthly events planned for 2021 all leading up to something truly great. Until then we wish you all health & happiness and until next time stay safe, #goexplore (responsibly) and a very Merry Christmas to you all.

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