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Covid-19 Update

Updated: Jan 24, 2021

The oak is a beautiful native species to our little island & she puts up with an awful lot. Unpredictable weather, gale force winds, flooding even a rope swing or two. But remember she overcomes. The oak bends & bows, she adapts & overcomes and in doing this has become a symbol globally of strength & resilience.

As the sun sets the night before our second lockdown many people may find this a trying time & that's ok, just remember you're an oak.

Stay safe everyone.

Following recent Government announcements we are saddened to tell you we are temporarily closing. The past couple of months have exceeded all expectations from when we opened in the summer & that is all down to you guys, and for that we are eternally grateful.

We started in the first lockdown & will take this time to make things bigger and better for when we reopen. Unfortunately that does mean any planned activities will have to be postponed until a later date. Any bookings made can either be refunded or we will hold a place for you when we reopen our doors. We promise we'll have something special planned for you guys.

We are taking this time to improve things for you all, we have begun landscaping a little further to the east giving you more space, we have made extra paths & trails making adhering to a one way system easier & avoid bottle neck areas, we are also reducing the group sizes to remain compliant. We will continue to comply with social distancing measures & hand washing guidance.

I would also like to thank three terrific people, Aimee Gillian, Tom Smith & Tom Spendlove. Fara Kanna could have never opened its door without these three. They have each given up countless weekends to help build everything that you've seen around you. I'm truly honoured & humbled to have such selfless people around me.

That being said, let's not stop here team.

24/11/20 UPDATE

Following yesterdays announcements from the Prime Minister we're delighted to let you all know we will be resuming operations following the end of the national lockdown on 04/12/20.

Our activities will resume the weekend of 12/12/20 with Bushcraft 101 and December's monthly event Campfire Cooking with the Hunter Gatherer Scavenger Cook Tony Marshall.

We have put additional measures in place to ensure your safety including a QR code for the NHS track & trace app, a one way system & additional paths and trails to avoid bottle neck areas.

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