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August at Fara Kanna

"Live in the sunshine... Drink in the wild air."- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Sadly this is only a short one. Due to our time spent away from the woodlands & the heavy rains August brought large parts of our site had become inaccessible.

So we have spent a considerable amount of time further landscaping at Fox Covert. We have reestablished all paths & trails, widened the route into the woods & have begun transforming the landscape to the East, this will give us access to more areas of the site to explore, work & create memories.

However, due to this we had to reschedule our planned monthly event Camp Crafts. This will now take place 18/09/21. We apologise for any inconvenience or disappointment

It hasn't been all quite though....

At the beginning of the month we Celebrated Yorkshire Day the only way we could, drinking tea. A full rundown of the event is available here.


During August's Bushcraft 101 sessions our participants were able to safely use the Bahco laplander to effectively remove limbs from a fallen birch in order to create their own atlatl.

They then removed the bark, honed the hook & decorated the tool with a first nation motif. After a few practice throws on the field the guys engaged in a friendly competition of distance & accuracy

They enjoyed themselves so much time seemed to fly, so much so we never got round to this weeks cooking task but now to worry, it'll all keep for next time.


We'll be back in September with our rescheduled crafts event & until then...


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