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April at Fara Kanna

The month of April is often seen as a month of reawakening & rebirth as it brings with it the Spring. We feel this has been more than accurate here at Fara Kanna as April has brought us a long awaited reopening.


We were delighted to welcome you all back to Fox Covert & to attend our reopening event Green Woodwork & Cutting Tools. To hear peoples voices among the trees again was priceless & we're excited for you all to continue your bushcraft journey throughout the rest of the Spring months.

All our upcoming events are now live on the website & tickets are available NOW! Over the next couple of months we are thrilled to bring you first, Natural Tinder Firecraft one we've been looking forward to for months at this point. Followed by Shelter & Camp Setup, this is a precursory event to our first every overnight camp.


Speaking of our overnight camp... Throughout lockdown in the UK we have posted several 'Challenges' for our members to take part in, the idea was to help get people outdoors, explore our wild spaces & practice some skills. We had an overwhelming response from everyone & were humbled to see the time & dedication our members have & we extend to you all a sincere thank you.

We stated early doors that the member who had completed the most challenges by a certain date would receive a special prize. It was a close race in the end but one of our members, having completed each challenge multiple times over took the win and has received a free ticket to July's Summer Overnight Camp event & that member is...

... Neil Griffith!

A huge congratulations & thank you to Neil

Next month we'll put out a bit of a showcase of everyone's completed challenges.


During the month of April we have continued uploading some of our online content made for the Members Area to YouTube & our subscribers are growing by the week. Honestly, we've really enjoyed making these shorts & have no intention of stopping any time soon. We appreciate your engagement more than you will ever know & it's really helped the company stay afloat during trying times.


Once again, we would like to extend a sincere thank you to everyone for your continued support & engagement.

We'll see you all soon & until next time stay safe everyone and remember to #goexplore

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