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2022 Update

"The beautiful Spring came; and when nature resumes her loveliness, the human soul is apt to revive also."

- Harriet Ann Jacobs

First let us start with a heart felt apology. We're sorry we've been so quiet since Christmas. We took the decision to take some time for ourselves, step away from social media & connect with our families. We have spent some wonderful, quality time with friends & loved ones. Recharged & rested, and we hope you guys have all had the opportunity to do the same. We believe it is important to holistically look after ones self, physically & mentally and if you can please take the time to do so.

We've not only taken this time for ourselves but the woodland. We are ever cognisant on the impact our activities have upon the land and strive to reduce the human footprint left behind. The time spent away from Fox Covert allows the field layer to heal, to grow and to thrive. It gives the wildlife chance to live completely uninterrupted, as much as we endeavour to disturb these wonderful creatures as little as possible we must remember no matter how careful we are there is always an impact upon the local fauna & flora.

With all that being said & taken into consideration we're delighted to tell you all we're back in March!


From today (23/01) tickets are available for all our Spring events taking place the first quarter of 2022.

Throughout the year our events are all inspired by personal heroes and role models.

Beginning with Mr. Thomas Roycroft.

Tom Roycroft was a civilian instructor at a Canadian Department of National Defence Survival School before meeting and eventually becoming mentor to the one & only Mors Kochanski. Join us for our first afternoon of 2022, in March, up at Fox Covert where we aim to honour this great mans legacy where you will Create Your on Packframe.

In April we're paying homage to a personal hero, Mr. Ed Stafford.

Ed's time spent outdoors & expeditions have been a great inspiration so we're putting the prep work in and Establishing Camp now before we spend the first of many nights within the woodlands later in the year.

And finally is the turn of Mr. Will Lord.

Will Lord is a fascinating & captivating man who's commitment to first nation skills cannot be anything other than inspiring. Now, we're not pretending to even hold a candle to Will but what we are doing is talking his attitude & ethos towards creating functional and or decorative objects with his own two hands & we're bringing back Willow Weaving. Rounding out the Spring months, in April we will use centuries old techniques to create our very own willow plates & trivets.


We know we've been quiet on social media recently too & this is something we are keen to alter. We are committed to an online presence that you would want to interact with. This begins with more frequent uploads across all platforms and we're finally getting round to filming new content for the YouTube channel.

Speaking of interacting, before Christmas we were asked on numerous occasions if or when we could hold some kind of women's event. This is uncharted territory for us, full disclosure, but if the interest is there we're dedicated to providing a range of different experiences so please leave a comment below if this is something you would be interested in.


We'll leave you with a sincere thank you, to everyone who has joined us over the past eighteen months, Fara Kanna could not be possible without all of you & we're forever grateful.

We will see you all in March and until then, keep safe and #goexplore

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