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Fara Kanna Trails

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So our first trail is up. Strap on your boots and head out to Brockadale Nature Reserve in beautiful Wentbridge.

Our planned route was altered on the fly due to flooding. Instead of heading East over the crags & looping round we walked West down Lays Lane and through the Beech Wood before turning South following the Blue route.

Continuing on the path we passed the Butterfly Ride with the Larch Wood on our right. Following the trail down the verge we headed East towards Thompson's Meadow (avoiding the bulls) to reach the Hunting Bridge. From here we followed the public footpath back to the car.

There was a ton of mud due to recent weather & we had to head off the beaten track more than once for a variety of reasons but if that isn't the spirit of adventure what is?

Take care out there everyone and #goexplore

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