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Fara Kanna Trails

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So our second Trail is up & live. Join us for a misty morning hike around stunning Howell Wood.

From the car park we took the path leading South & completed a full circuit, only veering off course slightly to go for a short explore. There's tons to see at Howell wood, I'd recommend heading off the beaten path & allowing yourself to get a little lost to fully immerse yourself.

Once you reach the 'Forest School Area' on the map you will notice the horizontal ecosystem open up into a meadow to the East, if you continue in this direction eventually you will meet back up with the highlighted footpath but along your way you will see some beautiful flora & woodlands.

There was an abundance of deadfall when we visited so if you're feeling creative why not build your own debris shelter?

Don't forget to sign up to our Challenges before you 'Hit the Trail' & unlock your Hiker Badge.

As expected if was extremely muddy underfoot so consider this if you're heading up there any time soon. Keep safe out there everyone and #goexplore

Click the map below for directions


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